Sleep Disorders

Sleep Better – Part 7

(Excerpt #7 from 17 Proven Tips to Sleep Better at Night)

Yes, it’s true – there may be a serious issue at play when you cannot seem to get deep, relaxful sleep. If you try some of the different tips in this ‘Sleep Better’ blog series and still cannot sleep well, it may be time to see a doctor or sleep specialist.

But then again, there are a few more tips you can try out if you are willing to avoid the trip to the doc’s office.

If you think there is something serious going on, read the first tip below. And if you want more helpful tips, keep reading!

Rule Out a Sleep Disorder

An underlying health condition may be the cause of your sleep problems.

One common issue is sleep apnea, which causes inconsistent and interrupted breathing. People with this disorder stop breathing repeatedly while sleeping.

This condition may be more common than you think. One review claimed that 24% of men and 9% of women have sleep apnea.

Other common medically diagnosed issues include sleep movement disorders and circadian rhythm sleep/wake disorders, which are common in shift workers.

If you’ve always struggled with sleep, it may be wise to consult with your doctor.


There are many common conditions that can cause poor sleep, including sleep apnea. See a doctor if poor sleep is a consistent problem in your life.

Get a Comfortable Bed, Mattress and Pillow

Some people wonder why they always sleep better in a hotel.

Apart from the relaxing environment, bed quality can also affect sleep.

One study looked at the benefits of a new mattress for 28 days, revealing that it reduced back pain by 57%, shoulder pain by 60% and back stiffness by 59%. It also improved sleep quality by 60%.

Other studies point out that new bedding can enhance sleep. Additionally, poor-quality bedding can lead to increased lower-back pain.

The best mattress and bedding is extremely subjective. If you are upgrading your bedding, base your choice on personal preference.

It is recommended that you upgrade your bedding at least every 5–8 years.

If you haven’t replaced your mattress or bedding for several years, this can be a very quick — although possibly expensive — fix.


Your bed, mattress and pillow can greatly impact sleep quality and joint or back pain. Try to buy a high-quality mattress and bedding every 5–8 years.

If you DO see a doctor, ask what they know about how CBD Oil or HGH Gel can help you sleep better. Heck, check out the links above even if you do NOT go see a doctor.

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