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Sleep Better – Part 6

(Excerpt #6 from 17 Proven Tips to Sleep Better at Night)

One of the most important – and cheapest – ways to preserve and improve our health, wellness, and ‘balance’ (see my previous post!) is to simply get more/deeper sleep.

Research shows that poor sleep has immediate negative effects on your hormones, exercise performance and brain function.

In contrast, good sleep can help you eat less, exercise better and be healthier.

You might want to turn these three tips below into your daily routine!

 Don’t Eat Late in the Evening

Late-night eating may negatively impact both sleep quality and the natural release of HGH and melatonin.

That said, the quality and type of your late-night snack may play a role as well.

 In one study, a high-carb meal eaten four hours before bed helped people fall asleep faster.

Interestingly, one study discovered that a low-carb diet also improved sleep, indicating that carbs are not always necessary — especially if you are used to a low-carb diet.


Consuming a large meal before bed can lead to poor sleep and hormone disruption. However, certain meals and snacks a few hours before bed may help.

Relax and Clear Your Mind in the Evening

Many people have a pre-sleep routine that helps them relax.

Relaxation techniques before bed have been shown to improve sleep quality and are another common technique used to treat insomnia.

In one study, a relaxing massage improved sleep quality in people who were ill.

Strategies include listening to relaxing music, reading a book, taking a hot bath, meditating, deep breathing and visualization.

Try out different methods and find what works best for you.


Relaxation techniques before bed, including hot baths and meditation, may help you fall asleep. 

Take a Relaxing Bath or Shower

A relaxing bath or shower is another popular way to sleep better.

Studies indicate that they can improve overall sleep quality and help people — especially older adults — fall asleep faster.

In one study, a hot bath 90 minutes before bed improved sleep quality and helped people get more deep sleep.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to take a full bath at night, simply bathing your feet in hot water can help you relax and improve sleep.


A warm bath, shower or foot bath before bed can help you relax and improve your sleep quality.

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